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Academic Position at Macquarie University
Convenor of Succession Law



de Mestre, Mary-Ann & Kha, Henry “Testamentary undue influence in Australia: should it be reformed?” | Trusts & Trustees | Oxford Academic (oup.com), 13 Apr 2024

de Mestre, Mary-Ann “Exploring the Legal Implications of Electronic Wills” LSJ Online, 2 Feb 2024

de Mestre, Mary-Ann “Construction of a Will & A Solicitor’s Responsibility” LSJ Online, 16 Jan 2023

de Mestre, Mary-Ann, Ethics in Elder Law and Substitute Decision Making; “Preparation, Execution and Use of Powers of Attorney” presentation, International Legal Ethics Conference VII, Fordham University, New York (2016)

de Mestre, MaryAnn “Editorial” (2015) 9 Elder Law Review, Article 1 de Mestre, Mary-Ann – — “Developments in Case Law on Human Rights & the Older Person: Nicholson v Knaggs [2009] VSC 64” (2015) 9 Elder Law Review Article 6

de Mestre, MaryAnn, Field Sue UWS, “Inquiry into Elder Abuse in NSW” 13/11/2015

de Mestre, MaryAnn “Supported Decision Making as an Alternative to Guardianship Orders” (2014) 8 Elder Law Review


Finalist for Partner of the Year Wills & Estates 2024


Finalist for Academic of the Year 2023


Nominated for a CLM Inspire Award 2024


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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network: Protege: There are so many opportunities, if you just look for them


Thrive in Business, The Shocking Truth: Why Only 24% of Australians Have a Will with Mary-Ann de Mestre